Comprehensive Care Electrolysis
Grand Rapids Electrolysis
The Art and Science of Beautification
Carole S. Czlonka Rn/Re
Established 1993
​​​Defining Original Beauty


Comprehensive Care Electrolysis Is a Professional Treatment Center Dedicated to the Highest Standards of Practice and Excellence.  Comprehensive Care is Environmentally Designed for Client Privacy and Comfort. Owner/Operator with over thirty years in the Medical Community. 

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* Permanent Hair Removal Method Since 1875
* For Men and Women
* Modalities;  Multiple needle | Blend | Thermolysis
* Post Treatment Cataphoresis
* Facials and Skin Care tx's
* Medical Electrologist / Electrolysis
* Private Environment
* Hours by Appointment
* Serving the  Greater Grand Rapids Area
* Comprehensive Care Electrolysis offers an Initial consultation to
* Determine Individual treatment needs

 2180 44th St S.E. Suite 201 Grand Rapids, MI 49508

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